Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Gun Snobbery

Well, I'm home fighting a variety of germs at the moment.

In my more alert moments I've watched some TV and came across a prime example of why everything you see and hear on TV is wrong.

On the Military Channel there is a hsow called Secret Warriors where a former SAS goober goes to spend time with various Law Enforcement Agency elite forces across the world. The show I caught the start of was with forces in Kazakhstan. The goober was presented a handgun by the head of this force and he turns to the camera and explains;

"this is the CZ-75, it's the revolver they use in the XXX force because it takes a 13 round clip"

That is when I changed the channel and soon went back to bed. I just couldn't watch any more.

Remember, everytime you call a magazine a clip, a Gun Angel DIES! I'm not sure what happens when you call a Semi Auto a Revolver because that's just stupid.


  1. That's worse than calling an AR an AK.

  2. Don't forget to load those clips with bullets so you can go out and shoot your AKs and Glocks. ;)

  3. with the exception of the mateba autorevolver i agree with you, and the punishment should be a beating with the miss-named gun, and two beatings if you are part of the press.