Monday, June 27, 2011

TSA and other Government Assholes

So the TSA saw fit to humiliate and torture a 95YO Grandmother who is in late stage cancer and wears an adult diaper. The Texas Legislature had considered during regular session a bill exercising states rights making it against state law for TSA pukes to grope inappropriately. The feds stepped up and threatened to cancel flights out of Texas "For Safety". The fed has done all it can to destroy Texas and Texans along with the Texas economy since we have dared to grow and show the fed plans for the financial crap that it is. Now that the anti groping law is under consideration in a special session, the feds got to the LT Gov and he went and got legislators to "disappear" long enough for the bill to not be considered last week.

OK maybe it is me but this just fits into the pattern of the government forgetting that they are servants of the people not the masters of us. That or maybe I'm just tired of all the governments crap telling everyone that we are too stupid to know what is good for us and have just really had it with them.

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  1. Government assholes.... but you repeat yourself.

    - Hsoi