Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Small World

I wandered across the parking lot out onto the ramp this morning to have a chat with the pilots of the three SEATs on the ramp. They were here along with their Air Attack Boss and Lead Plane because they ran out of hours yesterday and couldn't make it back home for the night. There are 5 SEATs, 2 Tx natl Guard BlackHawks and 1 Sky Crane working the Dyer Mill Fire from the air. That is the fire just south of us by Plantersville. They are having to make the trip from here to Mineral Wells (180 nautical miles) to reload with retardant for each drop. They are in the process of setting up another reload station closer but right now that is where the reload station is.

Funny thing was, in talking to the Boss, he mentioned this is his first fire in Texas but he is used to working farther north and they are sandbagging in Montana. So I mentioned that I knew about the flooding because my Inlaws are in MT. He asked where and when I said south of Helena, he replied with "near Clancy?" Well, they are near Clancy and turns out he has family that lives just down the mountain from them.

Anyway, had a great chat with them and I made it VERY clear, now that I know they are here and they know where I am, their money is no good here. They are about to take off and get their ops started for the morning so they are leaving but should they make it back, they will be well fed and taken care of.

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