Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Echo Echo Echo and then some

Advertising is funny on occasion. Watching the NCAA Women's final and the Lady Aggies doing their thing and had to laugh at the ad for Echo chainsaws. Guy going through TSA hell and getting punched in the nuts while his running chainsaw goes through the x-ray. While TSA's behavior is despicable, the ad is funny. It is doubly so since if you have ever been through SJC you may have seen the glass display case that they have in the walkway between the parking garage and the counter waiting area. It is filled with stuff people have tried to carry on to an aircraft through security there. THERE IS A CHAINSAW IN THE CASE! The first time I saw it I had to back up and spend a few minutes reading the explanation of what the case was before I believed it.

Speaking of advertising, I don't know who Chrysler has hired to do their advertising now but they need a raise. The entire ad campaign for the charger has been superb. The George Washington commercial really struck a chord. The latest for the Charger with the classic and modern versions together racing through the brush is catchy. Add to these the whole campaign with Emmenem and the new Chrysler 200 and they have a winning streak. Now, I have never really likes Emmenem but this tune is catchy and the whole in your face, this is who we are image for Detroit is a graphic demonstration of the attitude that IS America.

OK, while I'm going on about stuff, at the beginning of the game, it was interesting to notice that during the singing of the National Anthem, while a large portion of the crowd that was shown was standing silently, pretty much everyone they showed with gray hair was singing along. Is it just me?

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