Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Reinforcements Arrive

Well, reinforcements have arrived to rescue the F-18 I wrote about Monday. This C-130 arrived with maintenance crew and equipment to fix the F-18 and get it on it's way. Not sure why there is a Blackhawk on the ramp off to the south of these two though. It came in yesterday afternoon and is still sitting out there this morning along with a Biz jet with it's covers on. This would be unusual since that is the helipad area and not used for parking fixed wings.

And to clarify, the plane was ID's as definitely a D model from VMFA (AW)-121 out of Miramar, CA. By someone who would know. Thanks Colin and Fly Safe!

UPDATE: The crew is pounding away on the F-18 and there is a crew here from the Army now for the Blackhawk.

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