Friday, November 19, 2010

That sinking feeling

when you are sitting in an office and someone walks in and asks, "Who's driving the truck parked out front?". I answered with the question, which truck? The response was, the brown 4X4 just outside the door. "That would be me." I just hit your truck. At which point, I pointed to misbeHaven and said, "talk to her, it is her truck and I already wrecked it once."

Well, misbeHaven's hair being all up in getting processed, I went outside and had a look. Not anything major at all. They backed into the drivers side rear fender. Damaged the fender flare and the underlying fender and support structure aroudn the wheel well.

They said, well, I have XYZ insurance and they will take care of you. Guess what, we carry XYZ insurance as well. So, we swap info since it is in a private parking lot the PD is not at all interested.
I go back inside and misbeHaven and I talk a bit while her hair is doing its thing. I finally call the insurance company and wade through the automated answering system and work my way through to claims. The claims agent already has my member number with my phone caller ID info that popped up on her screen and she greets me and says, "that's just too weird, I just got off the phone with Xxxxx and we are accepting full responsibility on their policy." Now you may think this is some local insurance company with one person answering the phones. You would be wrong. Lets just say, if you are active or retired military officer, they would likely be your insurance company. Not small to say the least.

Anyway, I have an appointment next week to have the local partner bodyshop have a look and schedule when they can have all the parts and supplies and be ready to do the repairs. Rental will be waiting at the shop when I drop of the truck for repairs as well. All handled directly by the insurance company.

Well, while I would prefer to not have the damage and repair, this treatment, and the cost, is why we carry our auto insurance through them. Same as when misbeHaven had her bad wreck, and back when I crashed her truck when it was two weeks old. They take care of their policy holders well.

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  1. Working in the insurance claims business as I do, I know exactly to which company you are referring. They have an excellent and well deserved reputation. As I recall, most of their folks they hire are former military as well.