Saturday, November 27, 2010


When looking for animals you follow the sign. For pig hunting, this would be the mother of all sign! That is supposed to be a nice pasture and on the left side of the picture is the road. Or at least what is left of it. THe hogs tore up everything they could in this clearing including the road.
Unfortunately for us, this was at least a day old and the pack responsible had moved on to another field next door. We did see a couple lone hogs but not the pack or hogzilla we really wanted. Game camera pictures show there is one that is at least 3.5-4 feet tall standing on all fours and very fat. Wish we could have crossed paths with him. Also saw two nice looking little bucks but they will live to grow a little more as their rack was not wide enough to qualify for taking. Besides, this is a doe weekend in Grimes County and it is time to gather some meat.

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  1. Man, I really want to get out in the woods again. Last time I hunted was Christmas '08.