Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Guns -n- Gambling

They just don't mix! At least that's what we are told. You can't have guns in any area where gambling is taking place so that must be prohibited place for those with Concealed Carry Licenses.

What's that?

Armed robbers hitting up a bingo hall? You mean a victim disarmament zone where no one is legally allowed to have the effective tools to fight back? Kinda like no guns in schools as they are a learning environment. No crime can take place there so we don't need guns there.


  1. Tis better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6...

  2. If I was gambling, asin playing poker, I would rather no one was armed.Too many hot heads. of course Iam not saying I would make it a law but if I owned the gambling house, it would be a rule. Guns checked at the door. That is a right of the person in whose establishment you are entering to gamble. His place, his rights trump yours. You (generic) want to run a game - then you can allow weapons at your place. Just y thought on it. Not anti gun at all by the way, just anti dunderheads with guns who are gambling and may become hotheaded when they lose.

    All the best,