Monday, April 19, 2010

Um What?

Fox news has an article up about gun owners being upset with the NRA for not being aggressive enough.

The WTF moment for me was reading this,
But its strategies aren't aggressive or imaginative enough for some gun owners who want to openly carry holstered pistols in public places, or to exploit loopholes in state gun laws to purchase semi-automatic rifles.
So, gun owners are upset that the NRA isn't helping to exploit "loopholes in state gun laws" to purchase semi auto rifles?

Am I reading this wrong or are they accusing gun owners of trying to break non existent laws or or trying to purchase semi auto rifles (Legally in most states and free parts of the nation) or what?

I am confused.


  1. Only thing i can think of is someone mentioned the folks in CA building ar pattern rifles from " off list " recievers , and the reporter understood that about as well as gun ownership.