Sunday, April 11, 2010

Loose Ammo KABOOM

It's hard to imagine but one of the instructors I worked with this weekend had a KABOOM during the week. From a box of ammo sitting on the table!


These are 250 round bulk packs of Federal .45ACP practice ammo. He had moved them out to the table to load up and bring to class and they had been sitting on the table for a couple days.
As he explained it, he was in the home office and his wife was loading the dishwasher when he heard a loud bang and thought something had collapsed in the Kitchen.

He came running out to find his wife most disturbed and perturbed and the box and shredded cardboard all over the room and a new set of divots in the sheet rock. He had to dig teh primer out of the wall.

He contacted Federal and they sent a prepaid label for him to send the box of ammo back to them for analysis. No interest in the other 1750 rounds he has of this stuff. It is interesting that it went off sitting on the table. Most times I would be skeptical but I trust this guy implicitly and if he says it was sitting on the table, I believe him.

More when he lets me know what Federal has to say about it.


Just got e-mail from the victim. Seems Federal called him and said they determined there was a bullet shaped depression in the primer despite the fact that most of the primer was still in the wallboard when the ammo was sent back. Bottom line, they are sending replacement ammo and dropping the matter.

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