Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Beat Cops ROCK!!

Last Friday a convenience store clerk was ruthlessly murdered when two subhuman pieces of crap thought that the few dollars they could get was worth more than a mans life. Turns out that the suspect descriptions based on video matched that of an earlier robbery at another station not far away.
Then a traffic cop doing his thing makes a traffic stop and ends up with the murderers and a third piece of shit from another home invasion robbery in custody when a fourth walked or drove up and got into it with officers and was arrested as well. Turns out all four are connected to the earlier robberies.

The clerk was living the American Dream. He had come here in search of employment and was working an honest job and sending the money back home to support his wife and kids in hopes of bringing them here one day. This guy had a strong faith and not only believed in the American Dream, he was Living it until these two wastes of my oxygen decided to kill him.

While detectives had clues and these guys names were already on their minds, it took a beat cop to take them off the street.

BTW, one of them was due to start "House Arrest" as a sentence for previous robbery conviction in a few days. He shouldn't have been out on the street to begin with but that is a rant for another day.

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