Thursday, August 27, 2009

Of People Past and History

12 years ago this week, my Mom called me in the middle of the night to tell me that they just admitted my Dad to ICU. Colon Cancer caught too late and Chemo had torn him up. He passed that morning. My sister just called to say they were admitting my Mom to ICU. Stupid high fever and low O2 Sat of unknown cause. This is not good Deja vu. Gotta go home and pack.

Drove over this morning. She's still in PCU/Isolation. Double Pneumonia with another currently unknown infection. They're doing all kinds of bloodwork to try and identify. Meanwhile, she's resting and we are sitting around in gowns and gloves waiting.

So, Isolation is over. They are no longer worried that she is infectious. It is amazing what two days of O2, IV Antibiotics and Steroids can do for someone. She's still not anywhere near getting out but not anywhere near critical either. More tests and x-rays and we'll see how today goes.

One step forward two steps back. She regressed last night and they are trying to get a line started again. SubClavian or a PIC since normal sticks are just blowing out. Main reason they really want to get this line established is that they are now working on Congestive Heart Failure! Cardiologist should be in in the morning when they do an echo cardiogram. I probably should not have left and come back home.


  1. You don't know me from Adam. I lost my mother earlier this summer due to high fever and infection. I'll pray for her and your family both.

  2. Thanks TotC.
    She is doing much better with treatment. I really wasn't looking forward to losing her. Thanks for the prayers.
    John TXGunGeek