Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Idiot Gun Owner of the Day

The BMW driver who brought their car in for service last.

My boss just got back to the tunnel after taking his car in for service and informed me that evidently loaner cars from BMW now come with a free gun. He got in the loaner assigned to him and opened the center console to put stuff away and there was a loaded revolver sitting there. He went back inside to tell the service counter folks and their reaction was, "Oh Mrs. Soandso must have forgot her gun." Now first it is interesting that there was no panic and the staff handled it without freaking out. Second, that they knew who it was that left the gun in the loner car is a bit scary to me.

Second honorable mention to this was one of the lead stories on the news this morning was that a moron filling his car up with gas at a local station was, "rearranging items in his back seat when a gun there went off striking him in the leg." The police spokeslady said it was unknown if the gun was legal or the legal status of the owner if he was allowed to have one. Boy did that get my blood pressure up to start the day. It wasn't until later in the story that more details or actually the lack of details came out. She also stated that the owner was unaware that the gun was in a condition to go off when he was rearranging things. He evidently drove himself or had a friend drive him to the ER where police were called. Now, that last bit calls everything into question about this story. Was he really at the gas station and the gun loose in the back seat or was he involved in something nefarious when he got hisself shot? That makes the legality of the persons possession of a firearm more of a question. However, they didn't know if the gun was legal? What, did it cross the border in search of work in El Norte?


  1. Greetings from Texas,
    Sometimes, gun owners are our own worse enemies. The anti-gun croud can't make this stuff up!

  2. "Second, that they knew who it was that left the gun in the loner car is a bit scary to me."

    Why would that be scary unless you are assuming that the lady forgot her gun before. It could jsut well be that they knew who dropped off the car last and maybe even knew she owned a revolver (and not because she forgot it before but maybe because they shoot at the range with her) and figured the revolver must belong to her. It is nice to see that no one flipped out over it.

    That she may have forgotten the gun in the car is also not necessarily that scary. People do make mistakes, even with guns. Sure, they should try to be very responsible with them but brain farts do happen even where guns are involved and they happen to all of us. To say, after many years of handling firearms, you (generic) have never, not once, done anything unsafe or foolish with a firearm would be the height of self indulgence of your own ego. It happens to the best and most careful of us because none of us are perfect. Not being perfect and making a mistake does not necessarily make us an idiot - it may well just mean we made a mistake. Hopefully, whoever left the gun in the car will learn from her or his mistake. Of course, if it is a repeat offense, maybe even a regular sort of a thing for her, then she may well be an idiot - a really big one at that.

    As for the guy who shot himself in the leg, or claims to have done so, well - he may just be much closer to being an idiot, or worse, than we could imagine. There were, if his story is truthful, just ever so many mistakes that would have led up to his being shot that the word idiot probably fits - that is if he was the one who left the gun in the backseat. He probably is future material for a Darwin Award if he keeps up such behavior.

    All the best,
    Glenn B

  3. I have been at the range every Sunday for the past 3 months and I can tell you that idiocy is the norm there... And those are the people who bother to practice!!!

    Sorry Bubba's, there should be an IQ test of some sort for gun ownership. Poor idiots gonna shoot they legs off, whosagonna ask me if I "want fries withhat?"?