Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What a Day

Started the day with Pigs outside the window at 3AM. Just got settled back in for the morning and the wind kicked up something fierce as the storm front came through. We had a recorded wind gust of 48MPH here at the house along with heavy rain for a few minutes. We loaded up the truck and knew it was going to be a rough ride in. So, we loaded the chainsaw and extra gear into the truck.

It took us 45 minutes to get 2.5 miles and onto pavement. We had to stop and cut a few trees out of the way and misbeHaven dragged all the branches out as I cut them. Obviously there was no traffic yet on our road. Add to this that the county started "improving" our road yesterday. Like dumping a bunch of select fill on the road and grading it. So combined with the rain, it was all kinds of squishy and loose to slog through in addition to cutting trees.

After starting the morning at 66 degrees, we were below 40 before leaving the house and down to 27 as we got into town.

We ended up coming home to 4 deer in the driveway and having to take cubes out to the cows so they have something extra to process and keep them warm tonight.

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