Sunday, February 6, 2011

Chuy's College Station

So to celebrate my birthday, Chuy's opened a new restaurant in College Station. For those of you not in central Texas, or never having been here and had the chance to experience Chuy's, You have my sympathy. I on the other hand grew up in the birthplace of Chuy's and the first place I lived outside the folks was 100 yards down Barton Springs from the original Chuy's. So it was with much delight that I saw a Chuy's was coming to College Station Texas. Since this was my birthday and I got to choose where lunch would be had, it was an obvious choice since Chuy's just opened a couple days ago.

As is normal for Chuy's there was a crowd outside waiting to get a table when we arrived about 11:30. They just opened at 11 so there had to be a pretty big rush first thing. We got signed in and I started people watching.

I'm one of those people on Homeland Security's watchlist because I can sit outside of pretty much any public venue for hours and just watch peoples coming and goings. Usually laughing the whole time. The crowd was even typical for Chuy's, with people my age who were actually adults when the music playing on the PA was new to kids (did I just call them kids?) who were not even alive back then but are in college now. There was even a good representation of families out for lunch.

The time went by quick enough and we were seated. I gave the hostess the menu back and told her I didn't need it and we had a chat about her having come over from the shop on Barton Springs. Our waitress, Steph, came over and got our drink orders and gave misbeHaven some more time to decide what she wanted. She had not been around Chuy's like I had. I had my usual "I'm Hungry" order, the Elvis Presley Memorial Combo and misbeHaven ordered the Chicka-chicka-boom-boom chicken enchilada's. Chips and salsa were brought and we started in on our dining experience. misbeHaven REALLY liked creamy jalapeno sauce. Our food arrived and we dug in. Now, one of my judgements of service is how full/empty our tea glasses get. Despite having a table of 12 seated next to us at the same time, Steph managed to keep our glasses happy and keep our chips and salsa full as we snacked waiting for the main food. She also kept up with when we finished various plates of food and needed more napkins. (common at Chuy's, the more napkins part) The food was Chuy's, it was wonderful and hot and all that is right with the world, as it usually is in the Austin locations. As we wound down, Steph stepped in to ask if we would like desert or if we were ready for the check or just wanted to let food settle. No rush. We settled up and left to walk some of lunch off. When we left town a couple hours alter after picking a few things up there was still a crowd outside waiting to get in! They are going to have a very good opening weekend.

Overall I would give it a 9 out of 10. I reserve 10's for when something stupendous happens at a meal and besides, Chuy's did this to themselves by setting the bar so high from their outstanding service and food for years in Austin. I came to expect the best in service, flavor and presentation from them because that is what they consistently delivered.

So, if you are in Austin, College Station, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio or Waco, you owe it to yourself to experience Tex-Mex the way only Chuy's can serve it. If you are going to make it by the College Station location, let me know as it might just be enough of an excuse for us to stop by that day.

So, I just chatted with my Nephew who happened to be born on Feb 6th though admittedly many years after me. Guess where he went and what he ate for lunch? Chuy's and Elvis Presley Memorial Combo would be the correct answers. Great minds think alike.

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  1. Add two more great minds to the list. Number 1 Follower and I had lunch at Chuy's in Arlington today. We both had the Elvis Presley Memorial Combo. Creamy Jalapeno is crack for adults.