Sunday, December 5, 2010

Credit Card Fraud SUX

Going through the months CC Bill, misbeHaven found a charge out of Hong Kong and another one that is an order for designer coffee. Neither of those are us. So, rang up the credit card fraud line, canceled the card and disputed the charges. Now we are without that card, which is NBD but, just having to go through this is a pain. Now trying to figure out where the fraud could have originated. Is it a passed on/ stolen card info or is it just random hit?


  1. You'll likely never know. Just rack it up to "crap in the modern age we have to suffer through" and move along. *sigh*

    Some months ago I had some fradulent charges on one of my CC's. When I looked into what it was about, apparently it was someone buying Internet filtering software. So.... you're buying software to protect your kid from Internet porn, and using a stolen credit card to do it. Interesting set of morals you've got there, Sparky.

    Sorry to hear about the troubles.

  2. These things happen but be advised the worst is when it is your debit card. We disputed a charge on our debit card like we have in the past for our credit card. What we did not know was the bank locks the account for the card. Hence we could not access our money in our account plus the bill paying withdrawals we had setup on the account started bouncing. What a headache...