Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A bird in the hand

is not worth two Bush's.

You'll get it.


Last night, misbeHaven and I went to "An Irish Christmas with Ronin Tynan" at MSC OPAS.

What a set of pipes this guy has. He sang wonderfully and is very much the entertainer. Unfortunately, I slipped on the stairs on the way in and spent the evening in pain as my ankle was swelling. We debated about whether we could get my boot off or were going to have to cut it off. Hurts enough this morning that I couldn't hardly walk on it to go to the bathroom much less go to work. Besides, it is much larger than it should be and I am trying to keep it on ice and me on drugs.

Anyway, as we were waiting for the evening to start, right at 7:30 rather than the show starting, two rather large gentlemen wearing dark suits, light shirts, red ties and American flag lapel pins come in and looked around. Followed by another similarly attired young man then President George H.W and Barbara Bush and a few more agents. The entire place stood and applauded. It was good to see them out and about but I must say, H.W is looking rather frail.

Anyway, the evening went on and we eventually made it home to two very pissed off cats who were going to starve if they weren't fed in the next 15 minutes. Just ask them.

I will say I was a little disappointed in the evening. Not just because of my foot/ankle/knee. The sound guy needed to turn down the gain on Ronin's mike. He has more than enough lung capacity and control that he could have performed without the amps and sounded much better. Add to that, there there were only a few Christmas songs. I kinda expected more Christmas being called An Irish Christmas. If this is what Christmas in Ireland is like, Remind me never to go there in December. Still it was a nice evening out with the Mrs and I'm still glad we went.

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