Monday, February 1, 2010

Range Weekend AAR

Saturday was a long and cold day on the range. HSOI has a post covering the classes and the fact that he got to spend some time being Designated Bad Guy / Unknown Actor this time. It is eye opening to see things from the other side. It's also fun to work with the students to help them learn from "real" encounters.

Overall a good set of classes and a great set of students. misbeHaven had less of a good time at home while all that was going on. Main breaker out on the meter pole tripped and her laptop went Tango Uniform.

Of all the mistakes / learning moments from the weekend the most important was to not be in so much of a hurry to rush in. Tactics mainly not shooting skills. The students came along fine with their shooting skills but when we ran evening scenarios people were over anxious to rush right into the shop and find out who was in there and what they were doing and to close with the unknown contact. If there is nothing worth dying for inside, DON'T GO IN THERE. Especially not alone. That is an important hint for future students as well. For the students who gave the right answer we still let them go inside and see why they shouldn't.

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