Monday, February 15, 2010

Media Bias?/Sloppy Reporting?/ Idiots run Amok?

You Decide,

The local bird cage liner has an article up about a multi-vehicle wreck and the person arrested as a result of the wreck. Just says they arrested a Hempstead Man blah blah blah.

Local TV station reports, Tx DPS Trooper charged with Intoxication Assault as result of multi-vehicle accident.

Now, as with guns and "accidental discharges", this was no boating accident. A person got behind the wheel of a vehicle in such condition as they could not even tell where they were coming from, what direction they were going or where the cars they hit had come from. This was negligence plain and simple.

Now, the good folks commenting on the story at the TV station are commenting that "you don't know him so don't judge him". As well as, "people make mistakes and that's all this is a mistake".
What a load of shit, this guy was a state trooper and if anyone should know the dangers of drinking and driving he should. No word if he had his gun on him?

Add another charge for carrying while intoxicated? OH WAIT;
"(d) A license holder commits an offense if, while intoxicated, the license holder
carries a handgun under authority of Subchapter H, Chapter 411, Government
Code, regardless of whether the handgun is concealed"
It only applies to CHL's not to commissioned law enforcement officers who should know better.

Now, I don't rag on LEO's. They do a dangerous job and really do stand between us and total anarchy. I think they deserve the respect and admiration of all those they have taken an oath to protect. HOWEVER, they have to earn that respect and cannot be allowed to abuse it. Do I think they should be held to a higher standard of conduct? Absolutely, they DO know the law and have seen the consequences first hand so they should be more keenly aware of the consequences of bad behavior. Just like CHL's are held to a higher level of responsibility for their actions than non CHL's, LEO's should be held to a higher level of responsibility than noon LEO's. Just the same as I think anyone who assaults a public servant needs to be held to a higher level of responsibility because they have not only assaulted a person but have assaulted what that person represents (civilized society).


This man made a very bad decision and in doing so he recklessly endangered the lives of others and should be held responsible for his actions. He may have been a state trooper and done great things for those he served in the past, but now he has betrayed that trust and put his fellow citizens needlessly at risk or grave bodily harm or death. He is lucky no one died in this crash. Now it is time to take responsibility for his actions and move on. Maybe he can work for DPS as a non sworn employee doing public service work teaching drivers ed students about the dangers of drinking and driving.


  1. I don't rag on cops either, unless they really need it, and this guy needs it...

    Dumb SOB... A Texas DPS Trooper KNOWS better, there's nothing else to say... Throw the book at him...

  2. Another person who doesn't bag on the cops. In this case, though, he's asking for negative opinions about his actions. He should know better and there should be serious consequences for his willful decision to put others in danger.

  3. Thanks both of you.
    I actually have an entire post about respect and such coming. This rant sparked something in me to go down that road.