Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Years Post

What to rant about?
A good friend came to town Friday and is spending the weekend here at Casa De La Geek. Celebrating msbeHavens Birthday, New Years and our friends birthday. Watched Dracula and Wolfman (originals with Bela Lugosi, et al.) and the Resident Evil Trilogy. Boy if that hasn't led to some weird dreams.

Over the holidays, we've managed to clean out the barn, put in two new gates, haul off a load of scrap metal, replace the battery in the tractor, drill a number of fence post holes, remove/relocate/rebuild fence around the corral and paint in the kitchen. Still have much more to do including a whole bunch more fence to go with the new fence posts and gates.

Last week we had a fatality on the main FM (Farm to Market Road for those outside of Texas) through our area. Person turning left waiting for oncoming traffic and negligent driver coming up from behind too fast and not paying attention. Pushed turning car into oncoming traffic killing occupant of oncoming jeep. Comments on the local TV stations website include people complaining that the public just needs to butt out because this is a family matter to deal with the person at fault, not anything that requires charges. BS! This was negligent criminal behavior on a public roadway that puts the entire travelling public at risk.

Previously I responded to a crash on this road middle of the night when a teenage driver lost control of his SUV, crossed over the roadway into the bar ditch, hit a culvert and launched the SUV end over end back across the roadway into someones yard. Ejecting his girlfriend and killing her. This was right around the corner from us so when the tones dropped I was there in a matter of a few minutes. As we worked to stabiliz and package the girlfriend up for air transport (she was still alive on scene), the boyfriend was pacing around screaming at the emergency workers for taking so long to arrive and that was going to end up hurting his girlfriend more. That right there sums up a part of why I got out. Every time I was called out it was because someone did something stupid and as far as they were concerned it was someone elses fault. Kid was arguing with a DPS trooper who was showing remarkable restraint when a relative showed on scene and talked him down till he was transported under guard.

Also last week, just up the county road from us someone(s) went on a rampage. They opened up the gate to the pen one of our neighbors used to hold his calves. Then they opened the gate to another field full of cattle. They continued up the road opening gates turning stock loose, found a gate that was locked so they threw a chain around it and yanked it and the fence down. Then when the reached a cemetary, they just drove over the gate to it.

It's not like this was a crime of profit. Not that I condone that type of crime either but at least there is some sort of understandable motivation behind it. Nope, this was just a malicious act of destruction by an idiot(s) looking to make trouble. We've had a number of cases of cattle rustling in our county this past year but this was not a case of that but just bein mean. I can only hope that the County SO catches them before one of the farmers does.

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