Thursday, January 7, 2010

"Large"? Assault Rifle

Just what the Hell is a Large Assault Rifle?

Various agencies are reporting a disgruntled worker shooting up a transformer plant in St Louis. The local paper and TV stations are reporting police locking down a 2 mile radius around the plant but Fox News starts their article with the description of the gun as a Large Assault Rifle and I am just too confused by that.

So, does this mean the guy is carrying a REALLY BIG rifle? IS an AR-10 a Large assault rifle compared to an AR-15?


  1. Yeah, this annoys me too. Especially considering STL is 2 hours away from my house. :l

    The police actually said 'Military Style rifle' which could be anything from a Springfield, to an M1 Garand, to an AR-15.

    The media is just using the term assault rifle to scare people into giving them viewers, again.

  2. probably a .22 given the medias penchant for accuracy.

  3. Military Style Rifle could predate my Revolutionary War era rifles up to the present. They all have rifling. That's what makes them rifles.