Monday, October 19, 2009

Range Weekend AAR

Saturday was a long day, started with Basic Pistol 2 at 9AM, Defensive Pistol Skills 1 in the middle and ended with Introduction to Low Light / Night Shooting at 9:30PM. For me that meant leaving the house at 6:30A and getting home around midnight. The cats were not terribly happy.

Long but good day. Lots of new people and a few actually learned something. Really everyone said they had a good time and learned so it was a great day. Saw a few people who made it to the end of the day much improved. That is the goal after all, get better. A few learned that the gun they had was not really the right gun for them. Now they know how their gear works under lots of stress and how they work under stress. Even the scenario force on force drills at night went well. Everyone already got the message that if there is nothing in there worth dieing for, Don't go there! They still got to learn why trying to clear a house at night just flat sucks. Especially if you are trying to do it alone.

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