Sunday, October 25, 2009

Observations from the road

Traveling today afforded me the opportunity to people watch and generally get out in public. At DFW airport I stopped for a bite to eat between flights and boy are some people assholes! The guy in front of me at the sandwich shop went off on the counter help because he didn't feel they put enough fixin's on the sandwich. I mean went off to the point of the poor woman behind the counter excused herself from the line and went in the back to compose herself. This guy was just being an ASS. No politeness or common courtesy at all.

Do people not realize they are traveling? I'm sorry women but even though you may look good in high heels, like in serious spikes, if you are traveling and have to catch a connecting flight in a massive airport complex while lugging a massive purse, backpack and rolling bag, maybe you should consider shoes that are made for walking. And when you slip while trying to wear heels and run to catch a flight, do not blame the airport floor for causing you to fall.

TSA exists and has for a while. The procedures are pretty standard and suggestions are available form all over. Don't wear clothes and accessories loaded with metal the make you have to practically disrobe to get through and complain that the line is taking too long and moving too slow.

Enough ranting for tonight. Must find restaurant and kill food.

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