Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Stupid Drivers

So, worked late today and after picking misbeHaven up we pulled out into traffic on one of the main N-S roadways through campus. We quickly got into a pack of traffic and I noticed flashy blinky things in the rear view. (I notice these things) Well, the UPD officer was in the left lane behind an econobox that then pulled into the suicide lane in between traffic. The officer followed and the econobox then pulled back into the left lane in traffic. They eventually pulled up next to us in the left lane after the officer was able to get through traffic and up behind them. When the light way up in front of us (At least two more cycles away) turned green and traffic started moving, I stayed put and let the officer and the offending car move over into the right lane. All the while traffic kept merrily driving by. Next cycle of the light, I moved over into the left lane and ended up next to the officer. I stopped short of the officer and left the left lane open in front of us and next to and in front of him. Light cycles again and as traffic moves the offending econobox moves with it up to the intersection with the officer behind them and turns right on the major E-W road that we crossed. As we approach the intersection, the e-box is cruising on down the road not racing away but certainly not stopping. Once we got up to and through the intersection, the e-box was continuing on down the road and rapidly approaching the next traffic signal. By this time, traffic was hauling on down our road after being rudely held up by some slow b@$+@rd in a truck that wouldn't pass the officer. (That would have been me).

What the hell ever happened to drivers? The "all about me" crap has got to go. As Chris Rock said, "If the police have to chase you down, they're bringin an ass whoopin with em!". Add to that all the self absorbed drivers who are obviously too important to be bothered giving the officer the right of way or even the courtesy of room to operate in while doing his job.
Some people! BTW, the offending driver was not of color and was not male and was not of post college age. I just have to add the video to let the humor wash over me.

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