Friday, May 22, 2009

Campus Carry Part Whatever

So, SB1164 passed the Texas Senate after the House managed to stuff their version into a deep dark hole and let it die. Well, now that SB1164 has made it over to the House, it is going through the process as well. I already called my Rep and asked that pressure be put on the House Calenders Committee to get this bill on the Major Calender so it can be considered in the House and voted on before time expires. It came out of the Public Safety Committee reported favorably without amendment and now moves on to Calenders. We need to get this moved so please call your Rep. There is no time to waste with letter or e-mail as they get so much traffic right now it may not get read in time.
CALL your Rep NOW!!!!!!!! Let them know that you support this legislation and want them to request Calenders put it on the Major Calender so the full House can hear and vote on this legislation.

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