Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Why am I worried?

OK, so the MSM is parroting the line that violence is on the rise along the border and eating up the "reports" from VPC and their ilk about the main source of guns fueling the Mexican violence comes from the US. They are now pushing that the Dem's in majority control of Congress are saying that more gun control is not the answer and they are saying it rather loudly. Why am I worried that this is distraction/misdirection and they really are working on a back door deal to put legislation in place and as soon as they have a chance to sneak it into a big bill that no one will read, they will get it passed?

You know those hairs on the back of your neck that we often ignore? My are standing at attention for some reason and I don't like it.


  1. wow
    i have little experience analyzing the moves/ambitions of our nation's politicians but this is certainly insightful (though hopefully wrong).

    my stance on gun laws and the second amendment have historically been tepid, but as sharp negative changes from the new administration loom i am beginning to see more clearly the necessity of 2nd amendment protection.

    thanks for the solid, informed voice.

  2. That instinct you're talking about - yeah, I feel it too.

    Something is definitely afoot.