Sunday, March 15, 2009

Oil Filter FAIL

So, yesterday I was teaching a reloading class. I got up and left the house insanely early so I had time to pick up a couple items and get things set up for class.

"If directions ot your house include 'turn off the paved road', you might be a redneck"

I'm a redneck. Anyway, I just got out onto the paved road and lost oil pressure. Stopped. got out the flashlight and with all the mud dripping off the truck (Did I mention it has rained here the last few days?) started looking underneath. The oil filter was dripping oil and this means when the engine was running it was pumping oil out.

Called the Mrs, she came and we transferred gear, secured my truck, took her back home and blasted off to class late. Unfortunately, I felt like the rushed disorganization carried over into class. The students said they were happy and got good information but I didn't feel satisfied myself. The students are what class is about so if they are happy and satisfied, that is good. I just wish I was happier about my performance.

Stopped by NAPA on the way home and got another oil filter and oil and made the repairs on the side of the road so I could drive it home. BLEH.

So begins another week.

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