Monday, February 2, 2009

Weekend Class

So, this past Saturday was Defensive Long Gun. Basically a "run what ya brung" home defense class. Shotgun, pistol caliber carbine or rifle is acceptable. Teaching the pricipals of using a long gun in a defensive situation and pro's and con's there of. We had a great class although a bit windy. I managed to get some shooting in before class started so in addition to teaching time I got a bit of range time in. Got people interested in a reloading class now out of all the shooting we did so that class will be coming up soon.

Got to deal with a bolt over ride jam on an AR-15 during class. First shot of class and the gun jammed. Found 3 rounds in the chamber area on inspection. One in the chamber, one over the top of the bolt and one wedged as a classic double feed. While another instructor talked to class for a moment, I performed quick surgery on the gun by prying the bolt face back with a multi tool to clear the jammed up round then gave the gun back to the student. Not a lick of trouble out of that gun or magazine the rest of class. That was a quick fix that worked all too well.

We have about doubled or more our interest in introductory classes and had about a 50% or so increase in advanced classes. More work than we have weekends to teach them. But, this is good. More first time shooters interested in learning the proper safe way to enjoy the shooting sports.

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