Monday, February 18, 2013

Customer service FAIL

So for Valentines Day I picked up a Ruger 44 Mag Carbine for the misbeHaven. It goes so well with here Anaconda in 44 Mag. I have a 1-4X scope that I wanted to mount on it so she could snap shoot hogs and have some magnification for longer precise shots. I consulted the Weaver manual and determined the two mounts needed to make this happen, (one mounts to the receiver and the other mounts to the barrel)went on Brownells and ordered them. Once they came in I mounted them and proceeded to mount up the scope. One problem, if the scope was sitting in the rear ring properly, it was about 0.050" high floating above the front ring! That is not good and putting the front ring together and tightening it would tweak it all kinds of out of shape and point it down at the barrel. I sent Weaver a note explaining what I had done and what I was seeing and asked if there was any known issue with this particular combination.

The response, The mounts are different heights because one mounts on the barrel and one mounts on the receiver. Otherwise, if the scope wouldn't mount, send the mounts back and they would refund my money.

I responded by pointing out that I had mentioned that I knew the two mounts were different heights and that the problem wasn't that but that when they were mounted on the gun, the rail bevels were not lined up with each other. (That would be the whole reason they are different heights after all) and that I was not interested in a refund, I was interested in getting a scope mounted to this rifle. I stopped short of questioning the reading comprehension of the person who responded ( since they just parroted what I had already written that I understand as what was my most likely problem. Since then, crickets!

Guess if I want this done right I'll have to do it myself. Like measuring the rail height difference and taking the rear mount off and putting it on a mill and hoping my measurements are correct and that I can get the correct radius on the underside cut.

What happened to taking care of the customer? What happened to actually reading what the customer wrote?


  1. You'll find this just about everywhere. Way too many companies have cut payroll by laying off their experienced help and (at best) hiring low-paid, untrained part-timers to handle customer phone calls and email complaints.

    Some companies outsource their "customer service" entirely, often to a call center in a foreign country. Any company that outsources its customer service has no accountability and no customer service. It's a huge fraud.

    It's especially shameful when a firearms supplier does this.

    Off topic but interesting: Have you seen this? 3D Print your own high capacity magazines and other firearms parts

  2. 1389, Been following and supporting Defense Distributed for quite some time. Long before they had their printer repossessed.

  3. Yeah, as a former customer "care skills" coach, I hate bad CC...