Friday, October 26, 2012

One handed shooting

Do you practice it? How about one handed off hand shooting? You never know when an angry cow is going to break your arm, wrist and thumb and you may have to operate one handed. When it happens is not the time to learn. It should just be reinforcement of why it's a good idea to practice those skills. Just a helpfull int from your drugged up uncle John. I'd post the x-rays but they're really not all that impressive.


  1. Yes, I practice one handed. Besides just thinking it's a good idea to be somewhat capable, I also had a hand injury, so had to shoot left handed for a couple years. I also had the opportunity to shoot with a guy that only shot one handed, being a true tradionalist. He was in fact an exibition class shooter, and gave me an appreciation for the art of one handed shooting. He was quite capable of making first round hits @ 300 yards, as well as shooting things thrown in the air, and was quite able to shoot cigarettes out of people mouths etc, all one handed, with a Colt SAA.

    He mentoned that shooting one handed got the gun a little farther away from your ears (turn your body away from the target in the "classic" style), making the muzzle blast less (I can tell the difference), and gets the sights farther from your eye, which he thought helps get a clear sight picture.

    It's an interesting game, and makes shooting two handed seem like cheating after getting the hang of it after a few years of regular use.


  2. Was it an angry cow or a mad cow, there is a difference! Last we met both your wings were workin'. Hope you got a nice steak out of the deal. We really must hear more of this adventure.

  3. Angry cow. I wanted to take her to auction and she didn't want to go.

  4. Is that what happens when an engineer tries to be a cowboy?


  5. Oh geez! I'm out of the loop.

    Sorry to hear about this. :-( But that would probably also explain why you haven't written much email lately either.

    Heal well!

    - Hsoi