Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gunowner cars being "Tagged"

My uncles brothers cousins nephews sisters best friends next door neighbor was there. NO REALLY it has to be true!

There are wild stories floating all through the intratubes and by e-mails about cars being tagged at local gun shops and shooting ranges and national competitions where criminals then follow the car and break into it at another time to steal their guns. The worst of which is a story at a shotgun nationals match in San Antonio Texas about peoples tires being tagged with little red dots. Problem is, it is all bunk! THe marks people are pointing to are used by manufacturers to indicate thick beads on the tires and are there from the day the tires are released into the wilds. The story goes on to say it must be true because even teh local PD came out and talked to the folks at the match about it. Problem is that it never happened.

Follow the link above for the true dope on it. I have received the story in three different forms from 8 different people so far. The latest being form a Denver gun store and a comment from a Gunsite instructor making it true. Well, it isn't.

Please, let's stop this before it get's more out of hand than it already is.


  1. The first time i heard this story, the thugs were placing reflective dots on license plates at a gun show.

    After next seeing the picture of the balance dots on the tires i figured it was just BS ...

  2. Testing, want to see if it works this time. In recent past I havn't gotten this far.

  3. Uh, no, WRONG, sorry - NOT bunk! I just had my car tires tagged that way in Coffeyville KS the other day at the Walmart there. They made a sloppy job of it and I could tell that they did it, which was how I noticed, right after it happened.

  4. Sorry Anon, the story as it was being propagated was and is bunk. Period. That you may have been tagged and noticed it is another matter entirely.