Sunday, December 11, 2011

From the Horrible, comes good

So, with the recent passing of my Mom, I have gotten motivated to continue a long overdue process. Years ago when my Dad passed away, I collected his Military records and other printed heirlooms and started scanning them. With the intended goal of getting everything scanned and DVD's made for all the kids in the family to share.This would be Dad being presented with his First Distinguished Flying Cross.

Anyway, the passing of Mom has motivated me to get back on track. After researching around I ordered a CanonScan 9000F and a couple software packages. You see, I also have boxes and boxes of slides from before Mom and Dad got married through his AF career to all the trailer trips we took as a family while I was growing up. Let's just say there are thousands of slides that need cleaning, scanning and then digital cleaning up. We shall see how this all works out. I may even share publicly some of the better scans. Like when I first discovered toilets that didn't have to be flushed.


  1. Sounds like a worthy cause for yourself and the rest of your family. I wish I had some of the photos my mom had stashed away. I'll have to check with my sister to see if she still has them. Lots of memories in them and nice to actually see even just a moment of what happened way back when. I hope you have fun doing it and hope you have great success getting it done but for all that what you will need most is to stay motivated with wha can become very tedious work. Once when I was doing something similar with some more recent family photos, I found getting myself into a relaxed mellow mood helped and that sipping a beer or two whilst getting the job done was a help rather than a hinderance so long as I kept it to one or two and drank slowly. One good thing enjoyed with another helps get you through the tasks that can otherwise just be a bore.

    Hoping that you do show off a bunch of them when you have finished the job.

    All the best,
    Glenn B

  2. Thanks Glenn, I made a stupid mistake once already. Few years ago, my sister had the 8mm movies we had taken made into a DVD. We had an Aunt and Cousin over and we all sat around with them and Mom to watch while they talked about where the movies were from. Like an idiot, I didn't think till afterwards to record the audio and add it as a soundtrack. now all that commentary is lost forever.

  3. I am currently moving my parents into a retirement home and my 90yr old father would like for me to do something with the boxes full of well organized 35mm slides. Would you share how the CanonScan has worked out along with any other advice you may have.

    Thank you

    Mike E.