Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Life or somehting like it

Well, one pasture is shredded, the corral is improved but far from finished. Still have lots of fence to repair/replace (previous owners were liars when they told the county they were running cattle), truck is in pieces (no inner fender well, fan shroud, ECU/TCM, PS Pump, A/C Comp) and the long days at work continue. Turns out the Duramax doesn't have a traditional fanbelt driven water pump, it is driven off the crank and as such, you ave to pretty much disassemble the front of the engine to get to it. Oh and I have an allergy test coming up Thursday which means for the last week I have been unable to take pretty much any meds to clear my system before the test which translates to no meaningful sleep and a head full of snot.
Just whole lots of fun right now. The rest of the crew at work is also pretty much spent as the machinists and engineers have been working long shift longer than I have to get the model completed so we could do the testing we are doing right now and we're still having to make parts as we go and wait for some of them to be completed so we can continue testing.
Already can't wait for it to be over.

HOWEVER, we've got a few classes coming up in the next few weeks and you can bet I will be doing my damnedest to be out there for them as they are a form of relief from the work since it is something else completely and required total concentration to do things right. Just concentrations about something other than aircraft models and aerodynamic testing and scheduling people and fixing broken stuff and herding cats and chasing cows.

Eventually I'll get enough time to actually post more content about some of the stories that are setting me off right now but I really don't even think about them too long because there is too much else to do.

Like Westboro buttheads protesting at ComiCon and getting their collective ass handed to them by motivated overly smart people who don't take themselves too seriously.

Fed.Gov in court over Arizona laws. Glad to hear the judge sounds like she is not buying the .gov's argument.

Usual slime dog millionaire politicians getting caught with their pants down, or not and basically screwing society up.

on and on.

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