Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Great Primer Shortage of '09 - The Return

Talked to the FIL about primers. A few months ago I wrote that he had gone to a gun show in MT and there was a vendor from CA selling primers by the flat (5000). We pretty much decided at that point that the run on ammo and components really was coming to a conclusion and supply lines were starting to flow again.

Last weekend he went to the show again and the same vendor was there. This time selling only by the brick (1000) and even though he was part of the initial crowd in the door, they only had 3000 Large Pistol primers.

It would seem that the Governator signing the absolutely insane ammo and accessories restrictions / regulation in CA has started another run on ammo and components. CA shooters stocking up before the ban takes effect and makes getting ammo a huge pain in the rear in CA. I am sure the black market ammo pipeline will blossom soon. Unfortunately, this run by CA shooters is making it hard on teh rest of the country again. I just hope people all over don't think this is another EOTWaWKi and start another run on ammo and components nation wide.

I suspect as many others do, that the next step will be to crack down on "Illicit Ammo Manufacturers" as reloaders will be referred to soon.

If you can't ban the guns, ban the ammo.

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