Monday, July 20, 2009

Defensive Long Gun

So, Saturday was Defensive Long Gun class. While many schools specialize classes to shotgun or carbine, we approach it from the attitude that the task at hand is the same regardless of what you are armed with so you need to deal with the situation as appropriate with your weapon platform. The drills are run with the various guns on the line so everyone has to solve the same problem and learn the same skills. It also allows everyone to see the various ways of dealing with the problem and the advantages and disadvantages of the various guns in various situations.

Hot it was. Students showed up mainly with AR's but there were a couple shotguns as well as pistol caliber carbine. Despite the heat everyone stuck it out. Good class. Scenarios went well too. One student made themselves so small behind the bed that the bad guy had to step way into the bedroom to get any kind of sight picture and by then he was shot to pieces. Bonus points to the student for getting that small and out of sight.

One lesson learned, even when it is dead calm out, when you put out a portable shade stand, anchor it down as if a hurricane is coming. A freak gust of wind / down burst strong enough to blow over steel targets and barricades yanked the stand up and carried it over the berm to the next shooting bay! All of this in clear sky with blinding sunshine.

Otherwise, it was off to home to recover and paint. More on that as it happens, just think Peach. Even with only a small portion of the kitchen painted it is already much lighter in there. Can't wait to finish and get the lights changed out.

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